Launching a Russian War Criminals map: identifying everybody.

Launching a Russian War Criminals map: identifying everybody.

“Anti-Corruption Headquarters”, together with “Slidstvo.Info” created an online-map “Russian War criminals”. Here one can find personal data of Russian soldiers, identified persons among Russian captives and killed Russian soldiers during the war in Ukraine. Concerning the military unit, you can also find evidence of their presence in Ukraine (in every soldier’s profile there is a link that leads to the evidence base). Information on others is not gathered and processed. All information on the site is being constantly updated and elaborated.

Currently we have information on 138 thousand persons - that is the total amount of Russian soldiers that are listed in the base. However, the amount is constantly increasing, as new lists and names appear. 20 thousand people - that is the amount of Russian soldiery involved in Russian-Ukrainian war. These is the data that was unveiled by the Chief Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine. 485 people - officially listed as captives. They have definitely been held in captivity, although the exchange is being done. For now they can already be exchanged for the Ukrainian soldiers. Killed - 1966 people. That is reaffirmed by the evidence from the open resources.

The aim of the project is to identify all Russian Federation’s servicemen who are directly participating or are involved in the war against Ukraine. One of the key tasks of the project is to help gather evidence of particular persons during the war activities - so they can come in handy for Ukrainian and international investigators while examining and using them in Ukrainian courts and the International Criminal Court in Hague.

“We hope that the gathered evidence is going to be useful for the trials both in Ukraine and abroad. Our goal is to document each and every Russian soldier in Ukraine and do everything possible, so they can be brought to justice for all their crimes. If we don’t do it now, they will repeat their atrocities - non punished evil always returns”, - says the head of the non-governmental organisation “Anti-Corruption Headquarters” Serhii Mytkalyk.

What information is located in soldiers’ cards. To some of the cards we attach the information gathered by the Chief Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine, information resource of the National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine “Okupant”, links to the “Myrotvorets”, data from the social media and journalists’ investigations that point to the particular crimes that could be committed on Ukraine’s territory. For example, now we have information about five already dead Russian mayor generals. Meaning being killed on the territory of Ukraine during the invasive war. Apart from the above mentioned, it is also specified in the card if a soldier has “merits” - this information is also “gathered” by “Slidstvo.Info”.

“In “Slidstvo.Info” we are engaged in identifying evil from the first days of the war - we show the face of a Russian occupier to the world and tell about their crimes. This project is a way to systemise and arrange into categories all the information available in the public space. We strive for gathering all the journalists’ findings and lists of Russian soldiers in one place, so that we can help journalist, activists and law enforcement officers to collect as much data as possible”, - says the head of “Slidstvo.Info” Anna Babinets.

Apart from the map itself, we have a convenient registry in the form of a table, where all soldiers are listed in the alphabetical order: you can search by the name, surname, number of a military unit, rank and a note if the soldier is alive or dead. One of the main features is the feedback’s presence. You can also access the button “Add information” about the soldier. Users can send additional data about every man of arms, using the special button in the profile. After you share any additional information with us, administrators will check and show it on the site.

Together to the victory!

Sincerely yours, teams of “Anti-Corruption Headquarters” and “Slidstvo.Info”.

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